TFT Bristol partner completes epic Indian motorcycle road trip

Paul Spaven, Lead Partner at Tuffin Ferraby Taylor, Bristol - on his charity road trip around India

Paul Spaven, Lead Partner at Bristol at Tuffin Ferraby Taylor (“TFT”), has completed an epic 2,000km charity road trip around central Western India on a Birmingham-designed, Chennai-built Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle, raising money for the Usha Kiran Eye Hospital in Mysore.

Paul, a 62-year old surveyor from Bristol, has already raised over £3,000 which will be tripled by The Rotary Foundation.

Paul Spaven, commenting on his epic journey, said:

“A delicate operation to restore a baby’s sight costs only £120 and, thanks to the generosity of The Rotary Foundation, it means an individual donation of merely £40 guarantees a new-born baby its sight. This is a cause close to my heart as I suffer from a congenital cataract.

“Our mainly off-road trip covered over 2,000km in sweltering temperatures. It was a real privilege to work with Rotary colleagues from across the globe – Australia, Sweden, USA, New Zealand and UK – in India as we took in coffee plantations, temples, waterfalls as well as enjoying the hospitality of our Rotary hosts.”

The cost of flights, bike hire, fuel, kit, accommodation and food were all paid for by Paul. Every extra pound will now go directly to charity. Please give generously by clicking here.

Paul offers a lift to a local
Paul offers a lift to a local