Sir Alan Sugar style boardroom comes to Telford!

Business owners across Shropshire will be able to take their place in a Sir Alan Sugar style boardroom as part of a new venture launched in Telford.

Julie Owen and Andy Parkes have teamed up to run the boardroom company YourTime2 where businesses can take their issue to the table in the knowledge that other business owners can discuss in a safe environment and help resolve it. Julie, who owns Jigsaw Business Services, and Andy, owner of Saxon Park Services, said the boardroom sessions had seen 85 business owners since April which had proved a boardroom could get “very passionate”.

But he said the members benefited from three hours of professional advice from fellow boardroom members and walked away with a number of solutions to work on. Each one of the six boardroom members can bring an issue to the table with them to be discussed. Following discussion, each member decides which resolutions they will take action on and how.  The company was launched after the pair realised their shared passion to help other local business owners develop and thrive in the difficult economic climate.

Andy said: “All too often we, as business owners, stay working in the business and miss key opportunities to learn from others which all too easily can affect our success and growth of the business.

“Each boardroom will have like-minded business owners from diverse backgrounds who come together once a month.

“You will not know who you will face or what other issues you will be asked to consider until you are at the table.

“This is about guiding other businesses when they are faced with situations they do not quite know how to deal with but yet someone else in the boardroom has been through exactly the same experience and can offer first hand support and advice and hopefully a solution – that is invaluable in the world of business.”

Julie added: “Business will be done in the boardroom and referrals will inevitably be made but this is not a direct network event, it is about finding solutions.

“All of the meetings will be under Chatham House Rule so no issues will leave the boardroom or be discussed anywhere else.

“Meetings already held saw open, challenging and passionate debate but it has taught some people some real lessons about their behaviour and how they conduct themselves and they have realised how they can improve their own approach. It is better to realise these errors in a safe environment rather than in a client or staff meeting which could have fundamental consequences.

“Our Boardroom session is like having eight business coaches in one room, here to support, guide and help you find solutions but in a supportive and confidential boardroom session.”

This month’s boardroom sessions are fully booked. The next sessions will be held on October 24 and 25 and November 20 and 21 at Grays Hotel from 9.45am to 12.45pm.