Sarginsons announces major investment into its Coventry facilities

A Midlands casting company, which is a world leader in lightweighting, is extensively expanding its laboratory to continue growth at the cutting-edge of manufacturing.

Sarginsons Industries, based in Torrington Avenue, Coventry, recently announced a major investment to upgrade its headquarters to meet its needs for future growth.

The company is now pressing ahead with a new laboratory within its manufacturing facility that will be used to deliver further enhanced measurement, chemical analysis and material testing of components.

The new lab will extend the scope of work that Sarginsons can carry out for its clients which include major automotive companies as well as manufacturers in other fields.

It means further investment in the latest technology and has also led to three degree apprentices joining the company later this year.

Sarginsons will hire the trio straight from the WMG Academy and the degree level apprenticeship will be delivered in partnership with Coventry University.

The apprentices will spend the majority of their time working at Sarginsons’ foundry but will spend two weeks each semester at HORIBA MIRA with Coventry University.

Anthony Evans, managing director of Sarginsons, said the company had overcome obstacles to growth by thinking outside the box.

He said: “We were struggling to find suitable premises to expand into, so we have come up with plans to over-roof our current property to create the space we need to meet our growth aspirations and the demands of our client-base.

“Like many other companies in manufacturing, we also recognised a shortage of skills when we were looking to grow our workforce.

“So with the WMG Academy and Coventry University we have created a very clear pathway over the past two to three years to grow our own talent. The three apprentices who are joining us this year are the first recruits as part of that programme.”

He added: “These are exciting times for Sarginsons as we look to innovate, do things differently and continue to supply the very best products and services to our client-base.”