VIRTUS Data Centres expands presence at Slough Trading Estate

Aerial View of Slough Trading Estate © Sloughmani / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

SEGRO plc (‘SEGRO’) has announced it has completed a deal with existing customer VIRTUS Data Centres (VIRTUS). VIRTUS is set to expand its presence on the Slough Trading Estate, with a brand new facility that provides an additional 3,000 NTM (net technical metres) of IT space, confirming the Estate’s position as Europe’s largest data centre cluster and the second largest campus for data centres globally.

Following the success of VIRTUS’ existing facility at the Slough Trading Estate, LONDON4, , the colocation provider has signed a 20-year lease on a new building which will create an expandable secure connected campus. The newly built data centre – to be called LONDON3 – will link directly to the existing building and share facilities.

LONDON3 is expected to be operational by summer 2018, responding to demand for hyper efficient, metro fibre connected and flexible and scalable colocation space.

Paul Lewis, Regional Director, Thames Valley and Data Centres, SEGRO said:

“The new VIRTUS facility is an example of how we can meet the demands of the data centre industry and develop a building to meet the specific requirements of our customers in this growing sector. We are in a unique position at the Estate due to its location, excellent infrastructure, residual power, impressive telecommunications and fibre density, giving it competitive edge in the data centre industry. The Slough Trading Estate is now established as a prime location and is the largest data centre cluster in Europe, with 23 facilities on site.”

Neil Cresswell, CEO of VIRTUS Data Centres, said:

“Businesses today expect and require low-latency and reliability from data centre providers, with zero tolerance for downtime. We chose to build our next data centre on the Slough Trading Estate because it combines low cost availability of ample space and power – needed for our hyper efficient data centres – with rich connectivity. Globally, Slough is Europe’s leading data centre hub and a major cog in the world’s internet infrastructure. For local and international businesses based in London, it’s far enough from the city centre for disaster recovery purposes, but close enough to be easily accessible. We’re delighted to be partnering with SEGRO again for LONDON3.”