Paradise makes strong start to 2017 as tower cranes dominate Birmingham skyline

A huge tower crane has now been erected on the Paradise site, with a second to follow next week, as construction takes a major step forward at the beginning of the New Year. The cranes – known technically as TC1 and TC2 – will offer a true sense of the scale of the Paradise development.

TC1, the larger of the two cranes and the first to be erected, can lift 87 metres above ground and can reach 49 metres out from its base. The slightly smaller TC2, which is set to join the site in the coming days, can lift up to 55 metres in height with a maximum reach of 44 metres. Together, the two cranes will tower over the Birmingham skyline, reflecting the continued investment in the city.

Whilst 2016 was a year dominated by demolition, the arrival of TC1 and TC2 looks set to make 2017 the year of construction. Work on the foundations of both One and Two Chamberlain Square has already progressed quickly, with the first three storeys of the One Chamberlain Square core now visible.

Rob Groves, Regional Director at Argent, said: “The past 12 months have been very exciting; as a result of the demolition work we’ve opened up some stunning new views through the city and also made great progress preparing for construction.

“The next 12 months will be completely different as One and Two Chamberlain Square actually start to come out of the ground. Very shortly people will be able to see the reality of what we have been working towards for nearly a decade.”

Carillion, contactors for the enabling and infrastructure works – as well as the construction of One Chamberlain Square –  has managed the installation which requires equally large crawler cranes in order to be lifted into place.

Simon Dingle, Operations Director at Carillion, said: “Paradise has been such an exciting project to work on, and I’m lucky to have been here from the very start. This next stage will be one of the most exciting of all, as the structures start to take shape and Paradise begins to offer a new presence on Birmingham’s skyline, which has already changed so much in such a short space of time.”

Construction of One Chamberlain Square is now underway, with completion expected in autumn 2018.  The public realm enhancements to Chamberlain Square will also be implemented during this period and the second speculative office building, Two Chamberlain Square, which has been designed by Birmingham’s Glenn Howells Architects, will complete in early 2019.

The Paradise redevelopment is being brought forward through Paradise Circus Limited Partnership (PCLP), a private-public joint venture with Birmingham City Council. Argent is the development manager.

A website showcasing the proposals for Paradise, in addition to a live time-lapse camera, can be viewed at