A yellow card for failure to cut red tape

West Midlands chairman of the Institute of Directors, John Rider, has hit out at the Government’s continuing failure to tackle red tape.

His comments came in response to a consultation on Modern Workplaces – proposals for flexible parental leave, flexible working and working time regulations – which closed yesterda (August 8).

Mr Rider charged: “What on earth is going on?

“Given the Government’s present deregulatory drive, including initiatives such as the Red Tape Challenge, there are serious questions about why it is making these proposals now.

“The IoD strongly supports flexible working and efforts to expand the talent pool available to employers. In principle, we also support shared parental leave, providing the administration of the leave is not burdensome to employers. Unfortunately, though, the Government is implementing these proposals in a way that will add to the complexity and cost of managing workforces. This contradicts the pro-growth, deregulatory message that we keep hearing from ministers.

“At the risk of sounding off yet again on the subject, I have to condemn the lack of progress on red tape. Can we call a halt to some of these consultations and focus instead on some of the things they promised to address. Between this government and the last, we are currently into a third initiative on red tape … and yet nothing happens. We seem to go round in circles.

“Addressing the issue is vital if West Midlands businesses are to prosper. We must stimulate demand and give business some confidence back so they can create jobs.”