Coventry CORE hosts first Gig Up Coventry roadshow event

Coventry is on the road to becoming one of the fastest connected cities in the world with the launch of the ‘Gig Up Coventry’ roadshows.

Businesses at Electric Wharf, on Sandy Lane, in Coventry were the first to attend a ‘Gig Up Coventry’ roadshow event hosted by the Coventry CORE.

The eventwas held at De Marco Solicitors and gave businesses on the development a chance to find out how they can benefit from ultra-fast gigabit speed connectivity.

The Coventry CORE pure fibre network is set to transform Coventry into one of the most digitally advanced locations in world, providing access to gigabit speed connectivity 100 times faster than the UK average and on a par with the world’s fastest cities such as Hong Kong and Stockholm.

Over 200 businesses have already registered an interest in the Coventry CORE network but expansion will be demand-ledand the ‘Gig Up Coventry’ campaign aims to ensurebusinesses don’t miss out on ultra-fast speeds.

The event included a presentation delivered by the Coventry CORE’s city development manager Andy Starnes while telecommunications specialist Brett Marshall was also on hand to answer any questions.

Andy said: “The first Coventry CORE roadshow event was a great success and provided us with the perfect opportunity to give businesses at Electric Wharf an insight into how ultra-fast connectivity can help to enhance their operations.

“The Coventry CORE network will allow seamless online communication, almost immediate file transfers and a switch to cloud computing and we have already attracted interest from a wide variety of businesses including those in the creative sector, finance sector and IT industries.

“Over the next few months we will be visiting a number of key business and industrial parkssituated within close proximity to the existing Coventry CORE network and where we have seen a high-level of interest from businesses looking to receive ultra-fast connectivity.

“It is vital that businesses continue to register their no obligation interest so that we can prioritise our investment in the network expansion to meet the demand.”

Sandra Garlick, of De Marco Solicitors, is supporting the ‘Gig Up Coventry’ Campaign and has registered her interest in the service.

She said: “Having access to gigabit speed connectivity will be of huge benefit to De Marco Solicitors.

“We went paperless a couple of years ago and more recently transferred to cloud computing and VoIP technology.  With access to ultra-fast broadband speeds we will be able to enhance our productivity even further.

“The roadshow event provided a great platform for businesses to meet with the Coventry CORE team and find out more about how the network will be able to benefit them.”