Stanhope and Cadillac Fairview appoint Morgan Lovell to build new lab space at White City Place for life sciences companies

Stanhope and Cadillac Fairview have announced the appointment of Morgan Lovell to construct 24,000 sq ft of grow-on lab space in the MediaWorks Building at White City Place, due for completion in May 2024.

The construction of new grow-on labs for expanding life sciences companies and start-ups involves delivering private fully fitted CL2 laboratory and office space with sizes ranging from 5,170 sq ft to 9,680 sq ft with tissue culture rooms, lab prep, glass cleaning facilities, external exhausted fume cupboards, eye wash stations, and waste and gas store spaces.

Stanhope and Cadillac Fairview have already attracted to White City Place numerous major and fast-growing life science occupiers, Novartis, Autolus, Engitix, Synthace and Vivan Therapeutics, totalling over 130,000 sq ft.

David Camp, CEO of Stanhope, said: “Together with our partner and owner of White City Place, Cadillac Fairview, we are delighted to announce the construction of new Grow-on laboratory space for immediate occupancy with Morgan Lovell on our established life sciences campus at White City Place. White City Place has rapidly become a leading life sciences hub for London.”

The latest development in transforming office space to Cat B labs reflects the increasing need for new lab space in the growing life sciences cluster in White City, including Imperial College London, Scale Space and White City Place.

The Grow-on Labs will be let by agents Cushman & Wakefield and Knight Frank.