Companies hear plans for new development that could bring thousands of high-tech jobs to Warwickshire

The Chamber’s North Warwickshire branch met Marcus Jones at the MIRA Technology Institute

Businesses in the north of Warwickshire have been given an insight into a potential new development that could bring thousands of high-tech jobs to the region.

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce held its North Warwickshire Branch meeting at the MIRA Technology Institute which sits right on the A5 border between Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

A packed agenda meant businesses heard from Tom Mongan, North Warwickshire Branch Chair and Chamber President; Marcus Jones, MP for Nuneaton; Lauren Bond, Centre for Local Economic Strategies; and Corin Crane, Chief Executive of Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

That was also an update from Sarah Windrum, the Future Mobility Cluster Lead at MIRA Technology Park, on exciting plans for the 850-acre campus.

Sarah told the gathered businesses that MIRA Technology Park is at the forefront of new technology including the development of battery technology and hydrogen fuel cells.

She also revealed that proposals for 2.4 million square feet of manufacturing space – which would create 2,000 high-tech, high value jobs on the Warwickshire side of the border – are currently going through planning.

Sarah said: “It would be a massive boost for the region to be able to offer so many good jobs here and their money would be spent in the local economy.

“We are going through planning now, but we already have significant interest from occupiers who want to come and be part of MIRA Technology Park especially because of our efforts and ambitions for sustainability on the site. These are very exciting times for us.”

Tom Mongan said: “I’ve said for a long time that MIRA Technology Park is a real jewel in the crown for our area and it was fascinating to hear about its plans for the future from Sarah. We will watch with interest and support in any way we can.”

Corin Crane added: “We recently launched a report on the lack of employment land in the region and how that is going to be one of the barriers to growth for the whole of Coventry and Warwickshire.

“It was wonderful, therefore, to get an insight into what stage the park’s plans are as it shows the potential benefits of bringing this kind of employment space to our region.

“We need more space for more plans of this scale to come forward so that we can keep businesses in our area and also attract inward investors too.”

Marcus Jones MP gave an update on the national economy, particularly in relation to inflation and interest rates, as well as Government support for the economy.

He added: “There is now a total private and public sector contribution of approximately £155 million specifically dedicated to transforming Nuneaton town centre. A suite of projects will transform our town centre in Abbey Street, Bridge Street, Vicarage Street, Riversley Park, and the Market Place.

“This is being done with careful consideration for historic buildings. Nuneaton Museum is being sensitively improved, St George’s Hall is being restored to its grandeur, improvement work has been done to the Town Hall, Co-Op and Debenhams historic frontages are being conserved.

“We recognise that these have been tough times for businesses across the region but it’s important to recognise the strides being taken in this part of Warwickshire, including the exciting new developments at MIRA Technology Park.”