Banks Long & Co team rewarded following outstanding 2021 performance

This week, Lincoln based multi-discipline property consultants and chartered surveyors, Banks Long & Co, have been celebrating their annual performance with a special thank you to their team.

The Commercial Property Agency team has transacted over half a million square feet of business space within the last 12 months and despite a difficult market, let/sold over 50 retail and leisure units.

The Development and Investment Consultancy arm completed over £50m of investment transactions in 2021.

The Management and Professional Services division has also seen great success with 31 new sites under management, including South Kesteven District Council’s commercial property portfolio which was awarded in October.

The Building & Cost Consultancy division has worked on over £70m worth of construction projects.

Recognising this achievement, the Banks Long & Co Directors have enrolled all colleagues onto the Lincolnshire Live Like Loyalty employee reward programme as a token of thanks. It provides discounts and offers to the best entertainment, culture and cuisine in Lincolnshire. Whilst rewarding the team this is also a boost for Lincolnshire businesses who will gain increased trade from those encouraged to shop locally.

Tim Bradford, a Director at Banks Long & Co, said “Rewarding our team with Live Like Loyalty is an excellent fit for us. We are very passionate about supporting Lincolnshire business and Live Like Loyalty is an organisation that shares that ethos. This is an opportunity for our team to benefit from the best experiences in eating out, going to visitor attractions and shopping that Lincolnshire has to offer, whilst supporting the local economy.”

Vicky Denby, founder of Live Like Loyalty, said “We are delighted to have the team at Banks Long & Co join our reward scheme. It sounds like they deserve it after such a busy but successful year. Bank Long & Co are such a respected local company we hope others will follow their commitment to rewarding their staff for their loyalty and hard work.