BRE Group welcomes new leadership

Gillian Charlesworth, CEO, BRE Group.

Gillian Charlesworth has taken up the role of CEO at BRE Group, the world’s leading building science centre. Gillian brings with her extensive experience as a transformative leader, in both the UK and internationally, and is highly respected in her field.

As BRE Group’s Chief Executive, Gillian will be responsible for the organisation’s strategy and performance, working closely with BRE Trustees and the Group Board to define long-term goals. She is committed to driving inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and believes in creating the right environments to foster excellence.

Gillian comments: “I’m passionate about the importance and potential of the built environment to enhance sustainable, vibrant and productive life on the planet. As I take on this exciting role, the thought at the front of my mind is that the world we’re operating in is full of challenge and opportunity and our success will depend on adapting to the revolutionary changes taking place in the digital and data-driven 21st century.”

Before joining BRE Group, Gillian was an Executive Director at RICS, where she held a number of roles covering assurance and enforcement of standards, global brand growth and thought leadership. In her earlier career Gillian worked in the UK Civil Service and with a number of professions and industries as a regulator and advocate.