JLL North West comments on General Election


Commenting on the UK General Election result, David Lathwood  lead director, JLL North West said:

“Despite being in a prolonged period of political uncertainty, and notwithstanding the dramas that immediately followed the Brexit vote, the North West property market has remained very resilient. Investors in real estate look over the medium to long term and Manchester has continued to attract a high level of interest from international investors.

“The UK is also rated by JLL as the most transparent real estate market in the world. This is a result of liquidity, the history of political stability over the long term and respect for the law, as well as factors such as the strong economic fundamentals, long lease terms and the comprehensive professional and legal framework.

“The election result suggests that the hard Brexit that many were assuming would now definitely occur looks somewhat less likely. That could be a longer term positive for the UK market.

“Sectors with long-term structural support, such as Logistics and Alternatives, will remain strong. If the pound remains weak, Retail and Hotels will benefit – alongside UK manufacturing. But as before, JLL continues to believe the UK offers significant opportunities for medium and long term investors.”