Building Site to Boardroom to collaborate with top leadership training firm

Awbery’s Mary Sisson (second from right) has shaped the firm’s partnership with the construction industry’s specialist self-awareness training business BS2B and its Directors (left to right) Dave Lee, Gordon Jessiman and Andy Dean.

Building Site to Boardroom (BS2B), the organisation that is passionate about cultivating a culture of self-awareness in the UK construction industry, has announced it is working in collaboration with Derbyshire leadership and management development firm Awbery, one of the country’s leaders in the creation of HR and coaching solutions.

BS2B has developed a modular self-awareness training initiative designed to support the emotional and inner wellbeing of everyone who works in construction; the training delivers practical tools that help create a more resilient, motivated and productive workforce at all levels

Repton-based Awbery creates and delivers high-impact leadership and management development programmes, HR and coaching solutions.

Under the collaboration, the first of its kind for both businesses, the two organisations are bringing a brand new, innovative approach which they say ‘is inviting and engaging’.

“The industry has clearly identified the need for this kind of training,” says Awbery Director Mary Sisson, “with the many directives, standards, polices and codes of practices highlighting the need for ways to improve mental and emotional wellbeing of those working within the industry.”

Via a blended programme designed specifically for construction businesses of all sizes and specialisms, BS2B and Awbery support the industry with developing their leadership capabilities. Both organisations work with the ‘Core Value Approach’ (CVA) and develop an understanding of how to create happier, healthier relationships that can support the industry and its army of skilled workers.

The BS2B/Awbery collaboration launches with a blended programme that combines Awbery’s ‘Fit to Lead’ leadership programme and the BS2B self-awareness training programme. This offers a structured development experience through online, face-to-face and self-assessment sessions, tailored to individual business requirements and suitability. It’s delivered through workshops, either full or half days, alongside a range of online interactive learning modules.

With recent surveys suggesting that more than 80% of workers in the construction industry suffer from some degree of work-related stress, including anxiety or depression, that can lead to physical issues such as stomach ulcers and an increased risk of heart attack, ensuring the emotional wellbeing of staff is increasingly seen as vital to protecting the mental and physical health of all those working within construction.

With a focus on these issues, Awbery and BS2B are combining their shared set of core values centred on supporting the individual to develop skills that interlink the mind, body and the physical and mental wellbeing into their day-to-day working lives.

BS2B Director Dave Lee, explains this is the unique connection between the two organisations:

“Our Core Value Approach introduces, in a simple way, a balance of equal dignity, personal responsibility, personal integrity and authenticity,” he says. “A change of culture is necessary if the construction industry is to keep its current workforce and recruit young people into the industry. It doesn’t matter what your role or job is, stress is stress, making sure the drawings are kept up to date can be as stressful as making sure that everyone gets paid on time.

“BS2B is working towards bridging the gap with practical tools that help with the emotional impact of all these issues and more. Awbery is committed to achieving the very same solutions and support for the construction sector, and by collaborating in this way, our two organisations will deliver yet more specialist support to protect the mental and physical wellbeing of the construction industry.”

Awbery’s Mary Sisson has worked closely with BS2B to shape the partnership. She explains: “I met Dave and Andy at a CITB event; since Awbery launched 20 years ago, it has worked closely with construction organisations across the UK.

“There was an instant connection of the two companies. We share the same values, passions and desire to educate the sector on the role and importance of a culture of wellbeing, and in aligning this with a business strategy that gives leaders, workers and the business, resilience to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Awbery’s most recent, unique leadership development programme Fit to Lead complements BS2B’s programme, and side-by-side will further understanding and implementation of the shared values of personal integrity, authenticity, personal responsibility and equal dignity, within the key theme of mindfulness through mind, body and leadership.

“The collaboration marks another huge step for the UK construction sector, with support now available from relevant, bespoke, insightful support and leadership development programmes. This is an exciting development for the industry.”

BS2B introduced its ground-breaking construction training philosophy six years ago, led by its founders Dave Lee and Andy Dean, both former builders who had personally experienced the effects of stress and anxiety from tight deadlines and work pressures in the industry. Their personal journeys led them to discover that emotional and inner wellbeing battles are widespread throughout the construction industry. Their portfolio of practical tools delivered through online and face-to-face trainings and presentations lead to a much needed culture change amongst construction workers at every level.