Grant Thornton warns Scotland’s global competitiveness at risk if ‘digital economy’ isn’t delivered

Andrew Holloway. Grant Thornton. Glasgow.

Grant Thornton has called on the Scottish Government to place the ‘digital economy’ at the heart of its growth priorities throughout the next term of the Scottish Parliament.

The leading business and financial adviser has warned a failure to innovate and embrace all aspects of the economy’s digital future risks damaging the country’s international competitiveness.

It’s calling for more pioneering measures such as the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) programme, launched in 2014 at a cost of £410m, which helped to reinforce the commitment to make Scotland a world class digital nation.

Andrew Holloway, Grant Thornton’s Head of Technology & Emerging Markets in Scotland, said:

“The Scottish Government’s broadband rollout programme has already had a significant impact and, if the targets are met, 95% of properties throughout Scotland will have a broadband connection within the next two years.

“Broadband rollout, combined with the recent rapid growth of the tech sector, has helped to position Scotland as a digital leader. But, connectivity is only one part of the complex digital infrastructure that’s required to really unlock future growth.

“Experts believe the next five to ten years will be transformational for the global economy. The world is about to witness change and disruption at a pace that we may struggle to keep up with. From tax support for innovative entrepreneurs to pioneering digital transformation projects, Holyrood must act now to ensure that Scotland can achieve its bold aim of being a truly world class digital nation.”