Welsh businesses learn how to ‘Resource the Future’

Over 100 senior business leaders from across Wales were Cardiff City Stadium today (3 November) to learn how to capitalise on the economic benefits of preventing waste and using recycled materials in their products.
Delegates at WRAP Cymru’s  ‘Resourcing the Future’ conference heard how a typical manufacturing SME spends around 50 per cent of its overheads on materials – and how using more recycled materials can help reduce costs.
The event featured speeches from leading figures from the environmental and business sectors; including Environment Minister John Griffiths, WRAP CEO Dr Liz Goodwin, Andrew Izod, managing director of Excel Industries and David Sher, policy advisor from the Environmental Services Association.
Delegates debated how to strike the balance between the best waste collection methods to maximise recycling and reprocessors’ and manufacturers’ needs to ensure these waste materials are of high enough quality to be sold on and made into new products.
They also had the opportunity to learn about the funding and specialist consultancy support which  WRAP Cymru offers, both to grow and develop recycling and reprocessing businesses in Wales and to help manufacturing companies use more recycled materials.
Head of WRAP Cymru, Beth Winkley, also spoke at the conference. She said: “Welsh businesses – like those elsewhere – still produce a huge amount of waste. I want companies to understand the role that they can play in making better use of their resources to benefit the environment as well as their bottom line.
“It was hugely encouraging to see so many key figures from Welsh industry at the conference and getting involved in the debate. WRAP’s vision is a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably – but we can only achieve this vision if business and political leaders are prepared to challenge existing thinking about how we manage our resources.”
As Beth explains, WRAP Cymru’s aim is to help business throughout Wales increase their resource efficiency: “Since being set up in Wales in 2008 we have launched a number of initiatives and resources to help organisations cut costs and minimise the amount of waste they produce.
“Over the last three years we have worked with more than 350 businesses in Wales providing a range of support including interim managers, consultancy and funding.
“I want to makes sure that as many Welsh businesses as possible benefit from our support. If you were unable to attend the conference but want to know what we can do for you please get in touch.”