Opportunities for aspiring accountants at KPMG in Yorkshire

KPMG still has a limited number of places available on its ground-breaking School Leaver Programme in the region.

The firm’s six year programme offers a highly attractive combination of paid work experience, a university degree in accounting with all university and accommodation fees paid, and a chartered accountancy qualification.

Students need a minimum of ABB at A level and a B at GCSE English Language and Maths (or equivalent). They can opt to do their degree at Durham, Exeter or Birmingham universities. The first four years of the course are spent studying for their degree at university combined with work experience at KPMG, based in its Leeds office. The final two years of the programme are spent studying for the chartered accountancy qualification alongside working in the office.

Nationally, approximately 150 students are expected to start on the programme this autumn. But there are still a few places left in some offices outside London.

Chris Hearld, office senior partner at KPMG in Leeds, said: “Our school leaver programme has proved tremendously popular since we launched it less than two years ago. It’s not difficult to see why, with the offer of a free university degree and an attractive salary throughout, leading to qualification as a chartered accountant. Students should complete the course not only debt free but actually in credit! With the prospect of a solid and well-rewarded career as an accountant ahead of them, the programme is a very good prospect in these challenging economic times.”