Real Family Law

Catherine Jones hopes that her new position as a Legal Assistant in the Newport office of Howells Solicitors will be the first step of her ambition to join her mother Claire Davis as a descendant of a long line of Newport solicitors dating back to her great grandfather, John (Jack) Davis who qualified in 1919 and formed Newport law firm, Le Brasseur Davis & Sons.

Gilbert Davis, her grandfather was in practice for just under 50 years as was her great Uncle Tom Davis. Both were well respected solicitors and presidents of the Monmouthshire Law Society during their careers.

Continuing with the family tradition, Claire Davis, Catherine’s mother is a Partner and Head of Wills and Probate at Howells Solicitors in Newport.

Commenting on what drove them both to follow the Davis family profession, Claire Davis said,” I certainly knew that when accepting articles in 1985, being a solicitor actually meant hard work, long hours, great responsibility and sadly not unlimited time to lunch and play! It has all been huge fun though, and I have had the good fortune to work for and with some great people helping to propose innovative solutions to a range of personal circumstances. I still look after families who had used the services of my father and grandfather for years and many of them are now the children or even grandchildren of those clients.”

“The law has changed out of recognition since my grandfather started his career. He would have dealt with the complete overhaul of property and inheritance law in 1925 and the creation of the welfare state up to the Divorce Reform Act in 1967. During this time, the way solicitors did things changed only in that the typewriter replaced the quill pen!”

Concluding Claire said, “Catherine’s father and I are very pleased and proud that Catherine has followed the family tradition. We know she understands the level of work and commitment that it takes to build a career in the law.”

Catherine said, “I first became aware of the legal profession at a very young age. The law was hard to avoid! I hope to qualify and live up to the Davis name and have a career as well regarded as the generations that have gone before me.”

The Davis Family Law History

• John (Jack) Davis qualified in 1919, moved to Newport and formed a partnership with Henry Le Brasseur in 1939/40. The firm had been in Newport since the late 1800s and had the telephone number ‘3’ as the third number every issued in Newport.

• Gilbert Davis qualified in 1959 and retired in 2002. Partner at Le Brasseur Davis and Sons specialising in commercial property, residential conveyancing and personal injury.

• Tom Davis qualified in 1955 and retired in 1999. He was also a Partner at Le Brasseur Davis and Sons and specialised in private client work, advising large companies in business matters, corporate disputes and licensing.

• Claire Davis qualified in 1985. After starting her career working with her father and uncle, Claire has progressed to Partner and Head of Wills and Probate at Howells Solicitors. Claire is the only Welsh Director of Solicitors for the Elderly.

• Catherine Jones qualified in 2010 and is now Legal Assistant at Howells Solicitors.